How To Kill A Person For Free, Hands-Free, Guilt-Free, And Still Be Free


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Yes, it is possible. Most murders require you to hire a killer if you don’t want to do the dirty job. If you don’t want to pay or you can’t afford to hire a killer, or you can’t wait for your passion to subside, you do the dirty job instead.

Either way, no matter how hard-hearted you are, your conscience will bother you in time, but nothing will prepare you for the immediate repercussion – getting killed as an act of revenge, or rotting in jail for the rest of your life, unless you’re rich and powerful, or you’re eligible for parole. Well, whatever. You want nothing of this kind to happen to you.

But listen, I have an idea better than that. But bear in mind that this is not 100% effective as this is only applicable to those who are already dying inside, those whose souls are already rotting from their own mindset so that all they really need to die is a finishing touch, so to speak.

They are susceptible to a certain kind of death that doctors, lawyers, and the police won’t be able to trace back to you.

So how do you kill a person for free, hands-free, guilt-free, and still be free? Read on and find out.

1. How to kill a person for free. Don’t hire a killer. Simple. Don’t even think about it. Even if you can afford it, even if the killer offers a 50% discount as an All Souls’ Day promo, even if someone volunteers to do the dirty job for you just because he feels strongly for you, don’t grab that foolish offer.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. In one way or another you will have to pay for it. Let nature take its own course. Just go on with your everyday life and do the things that you would normally do without thinking about this person. In other words, ignore him or her. Don’t try to fight back with this person. He is not worth your precious time.

2. How to kill a person hands-free. Again, as simple as the above. Don’t use a gun, a knife, a bomb, a poison, or a rope on him. Don’t be stupid or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Don’t get your hands dirty by doing such an illegal and immoral thing as doing harm to a fellow human being.

3. How to kill a person guilt-free. How can you be guilty when you didn’t do anything at all to harm a person? You didn’t do it nor did a person do it for you. In fact, you were not even thinking of killing a person, no plans at all. So you haven’t sinned at all. Why feel guilty about something you haven’t done?

4. How to kill a person and still be free. Since you didn’t hire a killer nor a sorcerer, you didn’t do it on your own, you didn’t plan on killing anybody, nor thinking that this person would just drop dead, you have nothing to worry about. The cops won’t come knocking on your door to arrest you. You are still a free person.

So if you followed the above don’ts, how come this person will die, and how do you really kill a person?

Well, as I said before, this kind of person is already sick. He is sick with insecurity. He has a very low self-esteem that what makes another person happy makes him unhappy. He eats fear and drinks anxiety so he is fueled by a miserable life. It is this miserable life that wants to put you down every time he sees that you are happy. If you succeed in something, he would do anything and everything to kill your character. His motto is: Attack and Destroy.

So to kill this person, just go on with your everyday life. If something good is happening in your life, post it on Facebook. For sure, this insecure lot will be bothered. Well, it’s not your fault.

You passed the board exam, post it on Facebook. Don’t expect him to congratulate you but he is feeling bad about your good fortune. You ate on a restaurant with your family, expect a sarcastic comment from him. Charge it to experience.

You and your friends are having the time of your lives on a beach, he won’t be able to sleep thinking about how to make your life miserable.

Your dinner tastes heaven, post it on Facebook. This pathetic person won’t be able to eat well due to lack of sleep thinking about you. If food is his outlet, he’d grow so fat he’d have breathing difficulty.

Better yet, post photos of your Disneyland vacation on Instagram. This person would grow so thin and weak he would find that the struggle is real when it comes to walking or the obese version would limp his way around when he moves.

Post that signature bag given to you as a present from a relative working abroad. You bought a beautiful dress, post it on Instagram. You bought a new pair of Merell shoes, post it on Instagram.

Keep on posting about the blessings that come your way. If this person doesn’t change his mindset, he’ll die slowly or instantly – of emaciation or cardiac arrest. This person will die a natural death at a time that God chooses. That is how to kill a person for free, hands-free, guilt-free, and still be free.

If love hurts, hate kills. Hate stemming from insecurity can kill a person in the form of stress or depression.

But it is never too late to change our mindset. Let’s think positive about our fellow human being. Get rid of the hate inside of us and our own insecurities that poison our bodies. This way, we have a big chance to live a longer and more fruitful life.

10 Things I Benefited From Being Bullied By My Buddy In The Workplace

Huh, that’s weird. What in the world is to be benefited from being bullied? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

So many things have been written about bullying and we know for a fact that it is ugly, and we would do anything to avoid this. But this is not what this blog is about.

This is about looking at the brighter side of life. Come to think of it. You are being bullied or you have been bullied. Think about what it did to you positively. What did you learn from that nasty experience?

Bullying can happen to anybody anywhere. I am a teacher and I have been bullied in the workplace by a buddy, or so I thought. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. I can’t change what happened because I can’t change her. Acceptance and a positive attitude would do me a favor. So on thewhole, I have God and this bully to thank for.

Here are 10 things I benefited from that nightmare:

1. It made me choose my friends well. It’s not the number of friends that count most, it’s the quality of them. I knew she was toxic because she likes to gossip about her friends and colleagues, but I continued to be within her circle because I thought I didn’t have a choice. But I was wrong. I did have a choice – by choosing to be alone, or being with a few trusted friends in the workplace.

 2. It made me stronger emotionally. Sure, I cried a bucket. Tears welled and eyes swelled. But tears are a powerful weapon. They wash away the hurt and the hate in your body. So after years of putting up with this person and weeks of crying myself to sleep, here I am, alive and well, with a conviction that no amount of degradation and no bully can ever put me down again.

 3. It made me more patient. I put up with her for years because I didn’t want to quarrel with her over a small matter. But this small matter continued and escalated over the years. But it taught me patience. It taught me not to pounce at the first sign of attack. It taught me the art of escapism than the art of war.

 4. It made me more forgiving of my aggressors. I may not have forgiven this person just yet, (How can I? She knows how to twist the story for her own benefit. She makes it appear that I was the bully to her, not her to me) but it taught me to forgive others readily. How can I not? After all what I’ve been through with this bully, it’s easier now to forgive others for what seems a small matter compared to what this insecure lot did to me.

 5. It made me more understanding of human behavior. She bullied me, yes. And I kept wondering why she was doing this to me and the others who have already left the toxic workplace that she created for us.

It was a big question mark why a person who seemed to have a good life already compared to her miserable childhood due to poverty, would put down those who are even below their level.

Well, as I said bullies are an insecure lot. They’re not perfect. So when they see in that person what is lacking in them, they are quick to pounce and trample on you.

They’re like, “There’s no way you can be better than me. If you’re better than me on this aspect, then I’ll make sure that people will see more of your negative side.”

Bullies don’t admit this but this reasoning lies somewhere in their subconscious.

So being a target of bullying actually gave me a wider perspective on people’s behavior.

6. It made me more aware of my self-worth. When you are working with and going out with familiar people, you sometimes drop your guard. Sometimes you make fun of yourself for the sake of giving fun to your friends. Sometimes you expose to them your shortcomings and your vulnerabilities.

But snakes abound even in civilized places. So if you humble yourself by being true to yourself, they see it as a weakness instead of strength. The next time you know is that your secrets are no secrets anymore, your plans which you have confided to them have gone viral in the workforce and even outside of it, your private thoughts and private jokes have gone public in the workplace.

Sometimes you have to choose between keeping them to yourself and your most trusted friend than sharing some of yourself to others.

Lesson learned:  If you value yourself more, then you have to protect yourself from fake friends. Show them that you have dignity in spite of being yourself.

7. It made me more assertive. By being assertive, I don’t mean you have to be aggressive. They may be synonyms but they have a shade of difference.

 I mean, I fight back when I hit a dead-end. But if there’s any other way to exit, I’d choose the exit.

I’m not a violent person, nor a quarrelsome one, to say the least. To me, I’d be more of a loser if I give in to them the first time they intimidate me.

But I’ll protect myself by not cowering in the dark and making silence my best friend. This is self-destructive. I’ll speak my mind whenever I have the chance. I’d first take a flight, or if not, I’ll fight.

8. It bonded me with my family. I thought at first, “I can handle this on my own. It would be just the three of us – I, Myself, and Me, and if there’s gonna be a fourth one, it would be My Shadow.”

But it gripped my heart, literally and figuratively. I was afraid I was having a heart attack. That’s when I realized that bullying can be deadly if something is not done about it.

 And that was when I involved my husband with what I was going through. This particular incident made me all the more closer to my family. It was a validation to me that whatever happened they will always be there for me, caring for me, and supporting me through thick and thin.

 9. It drew me closer to the Lord. Of all the things I mention here, this gave me the most benefit. For where do I turn to, but only to Him. He is the one who gave me this trial, only He can lift this up. He is my Rock, my Maker and my Giver. He decides when to lift me up if only I will seek Him. Thankfully, He is always there for me.

10. It made me wiser. There is always something good to be learned from unpleasant experiences. I learned that gossiping about that person won’t do me any good. I could make use of my time pursuing my passion such as reading and writing than joining in the gossip. (It’s just a waste of my saliva although this can always be replaced by drinking water.) But my time is more precious than that. I’d be better off pursuing my creative side and putting them to good use. That is, to reach out to others who have been bullied, too. (You are not alone. I know how you feel.)

Nobody wants to be bullied. But bullies are, and will always be there. They will never accept it’s their fault. To them, it will always be your fault. You can’t change them but you can change your situation. Do your best to be out of this person’s radar because the longer this bully lingers, the greater the damage will be on you.

As for me, I needed a break from the toxic workplace, so I went on leave for a year. I have no regrets. I made the right decision.  Money isn’t all there is to it. My well-being is more important than this.

Now the workforce seems to be more aware of the negative effects of workplace bullying.

So if it happened to you, look to the dawn. Cheers. With God and your loved ones, there’s a better life ahead of you. Look to the future, and never look back on this ugly past. Pick only the worthwhile pieces which you can make use of as you embark on a new journey. Move on and learn from this experience.

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Silence is the Bully’s Ally, So Let Yourself Be Heard

Silence doesn’t always mean intelligence. In fact, it can even mean stupidity. Silence is good sometimes, but not all the time. As the bible says, “There is a time for everything.”

Silence or its opposite has its proper place and time. Bullies want to capitalize on silence as a sign of intelligence because they don’t want to be stopped by the commotion that you make. They want you to keep still, be silent, and endure the abuses that they heap on you.

Silence of the target is the bully’s ally. With the target’s silence, he has become the devil’s own advocate. So the bully tries to tell you that reacting, complaining, fighting back, is a sign of weakness.

I dare say, don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by this self-serving mindset. This is no different from the ISIS fighter telling the little girl she was raping that what he was doing was an act of worship.

So go on, be silent for fear that you will be called a moron, an idiot, or a stupid person; and let your bully torment you day in and day out, till you’re stressed out.

You say, you can always avoid him. Not all the time, especially when you move in the same family or social circle. You can’t, actually, because he is just there within your sphere. After all, he won’t be called a bully if he is on the other side of the world.

Access is the asset of the bully. He believes in the saying, “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” You say, you can always ignore him. Sure, but not all the time. Remember, he isn’t called a bully for nothing.

If he offended you once, you can just ignore him, tell yourself it’s nothing, and that this will pass away in time.

But with your silence you have just given him a license to kill your character. You allowed the bully to flourish. He will never stop unless you show some resistance.

History has always proven that evil succeeds and flourishes with silence. Violence becomes rampant when nobody tells anyone to stop.

Silence can mean yes. Countries have been colonized for a long time until such time that they decided to voice out their oppositions that led to revolutions.

You don’t need to suffer in silence if only to show people that you are strong, that you can cope gracefully under pressure, and that you have the grace of handling stress.

Let’s get real. Let yourself be heard when you’re not happy about the way other people treat you. This is not the right time to be silent. Speak your mind and end the bullying.