Balangkayan, Eastern Samar: Minasangay, An Ideal Island Getaway

If you’re looking for an ideal island getaway, Minasangay is the place to be.

Minasangay Island is located in the town proper  of  Balangkayan, Eastern Samar, and Balangkayan is only 23 kilometers away from Borongan City, the capital of Eastern Samar.

The town’s landmark right across the bridge bordering Maydolong and Balangkayan

Because of its proximity to the city, you could see many Boronganons coming to the island. Not only that, people from neighboring towns, in and out of the province frequent the island, too.

If Tacloban City Airport is your point of reference, you can reach Balangkayan by vans bound to Borongan, like 3K Tours, Borongan Transport, Duptours, and Van Van. There are also buses to  Borongan at the Tacloban terminal.

It is only three and a half hours drive from Tacloban to Balangkayan and the fare is P200 or 4USD as of this writing.

christine baris
The beach flags before crossing the hanging bridge.

One main advantage of Minasangay is it’s accessibility to many people. Balangkayan is a coastal town by the highway, and Minasangay is only seven hundred meters away from the highway.

The beautiful garden greets guests and gives a homey atmosphere as if you never left home. The pink periwinkles look lovely against the green backdrop.

Once you get to the island it feels like you are far away from civilization. There are no houses and vehicles in sight unlike other beach resorts. Here you  are in total commune with nature. All you would see are rocks, trees, sand, and sea.

Across the island, you could see mangroves, coconut trees, and mountains from afar.  At the back of it, from a vacationer’s point of view is the vast and deep Pacific Ocean.

If you want to feel like you own the island, you should come here on ordinary days or weekdays. There are other people, of course, but just enough for you to have the privacy, the peace and solitude that you may be looking for.

If you want to experience a vibrant Minasangay and you like to mingle with many people, come here on a Sunday or on a holiday. The place is full of life.

As for me, I seek for a quiet place. So I purposely come here with my family on a Saturday. I know there will be other people around but I know that the crowd will not overflow into the sands.

Even on a Saturday, the cottages are still fully-booked and the tables and chairs occupied. But I still have my personal space.

I love the rocks. They do not only give shade but they serve as natural partitions for the privacy that I really value.

I can hear the sound of other people talking but I don’t find it distracting. Just enough for me to feel that I have company in this beautiful island.

This beach resort is ideal for family gatherings, friends, and even corporate team-buildings. Here you can mix business with pleasure like what I do now.

Blogging about Minasangay, my Muse.

As I sit here by the beach facing my laptop under an umbrella and a Talisay tree, I can see the crystal-clear waters in front of me, big and small rock formations scattered on it, which add to its natural beauty.

Sun, sand, sea, and sky
Experience the thrill of diving from this cliff

There are many things you can do here in Minasangay aside from swimming. You can go cliff diving as there is a diving spot here. You can go bush walking and climb the rocky hill of the island.

You can also have videoke with your friends and family.  Just bring your videoke or rent from here. Yes, there is power supply here, and internet access, too.

You can also go boating around the island by renting a boat from a local fisherman. You can explore every nook and cranny of this rocky island or simply sit, relax, and bask in the setting sun.

Some fishermen occasionally pass by the island.

Minasangay Island  Marine Eco-Park and Resort is operated by the Municipality of Balangkayan. This beach resort is a work in progress as you can see on-going construction  in this island.

As a backgrounder, this island resort was heavily-damaged by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in 2013 when Balangkayan was inundated. (You can still see the brown mangroves destroyed by the super typhoon but slowly these mangroves are now coming back to life.) But it is this same island that served as a natural break from the big waves of Yolanda so that the devastation of the storm surge was only limited to the town proper and not the barangays outside of it. Thankfully, there was no casualty in this town. Other towns were not as lucky.

Because of this the town officials and the locals are bent on preserving the natural beauty of the island in spite of the development.

The hanging bridge which was destroyed has now been restored and there is a concrete bridge more than a meter wide for those who don’t want to pass on the bridge. This is to facilitate the elderly and the PWDs who are on wheelchairs.

The rustic hanging bridge is what sets Minasangay apart from other resorts.  It simply is captivating.
The view of the island from the hanging bridge.

Outside the island, just before the bridge, are stores where you can buy lechon manok (roasted chicken), softdrinks, hard drinks, and island souvenirs. You can also rent banana beds, and other floaters here.

I love this place not only for its beauty but also for the beauty of its people. The locals are hospitable. Even if you’re a stranger, if you ask for directions, they would be eager to help you around the island. The staff of the resort are just around the island 24/7 to attend to your needs. You can even stay here overnight and never be afraid of your safety.

You can sleep in the open cottages, pitch your tent, or lay a mat on the sand and sleep under the stars. When you wake up, be on time for the sunrise. It is glorious.

You can also go jogging or walking from the resort, passing by the hanging bridge, and on to the 700-meter road and back. On the road, you will pass by vast mangroves, and the morning sea breeze will work wonders on your lungs and your nose. Trust me, that’s how I cured my allergic rhinitis – jogging by the beach. The salty air dries up the runny nose. After all, that’s what my doctor prescribed to me, a saline solution. Well, there’s a natural way with no side effects on me. But that is a story for another day.

The mangroves by the roadside going to Minasangay.

Anyway, if you only want to enjoy Minasangay for the day, you may stay in hotels of your choice in Borongan less than an hour away.

Minasangay is an ideal island getaway because it is beautiful, accessible, peaceful, safe, and affordable. Here the prices are reasonable that you get value for your money. This place is ideal for vacationers who have much to spend and also for those who are on a budget.

Check out the fees here.

For inquiries  and reservations you may call Minasangay Island Eco-park Resort on this number: +639270350774

Enjoy your vacation in Minasangay!



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